SAMA Board Study Material, History, Regulations and additional documents

Sergeant Audie Murphy Award
Selection Board Study Material

SUBJECT: Memorandum of Instruction (MOI) for the FY17 Fort Carson Sergeant Audie Murphy Award Selection Board (SAMA).

ELIGIBILITY: The SAMA Selection Board is open to all assigned NCOs CPL through MSG/1SG. Brigade Command Sergeant Majors are directed to ensure the widest dissemination of this memorandum to ensure maximum participation. The Brigade Command Sergeant Major will ensure all requirements for phases 1-3 are met in accordance with FORSCOM Regulation 600-80-1 prior to sending the nominee to the final selection board held at 4TH Infantry Division. NCO’s can participate if they meet the following:

  • a. The NCO must meet all Army Retention Standards.
  • b. The nominee has not received any Article 15s within two years.
  • c. Nominees who do not have direct supervision of Soldiers may submit proof of active participation in external leadership roles.
  • d. Pass Army Physical Fitness Test /Height and Weight standards; and obtain recommendation by Company First Sergeant, Battalion Command Sergeant Major, and Brigade Command Sergeant Major.

Audie Murphy Bio, History, Club History, & additional documents

Study Material:
  • SAMC Study Packet
  • Audie Murphy Study Packet
  • Crest Symbolism
  • The Medallion
  • The History of the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club
  • The Audie Murphy research paper
  • SAMA board Info paper
  • Example Leaders Book
"The way I see it, if you're scared of something you'd better get busy and do something about it. I'd call that a challenge - and I believe that the way to grow is to meet all the challenges as they come along."...

Audie Murphy

Regulations to Study

  • FORSCOM Regulation 600-80-1 Sergeant Audie Murphy Award 2 APS 2015
  • NCO Guide (TC 8-22.7) Leaders Notebook
  • NCO Evaluation Reporting System (DA PAM 623-3)
  • Training Units and Developing Leaders (ADP 7-0)
  • Unified Land Operations (ADP 3-0)
  • NCO Evaluation Reporting System (AR 623-3)
  • Army Leadership (ADP 6-22)
  • Army Physical Readiness Training (FM 7-22)
  • Army Equal Opportunity Program (TC 26-6)
  • Army Equal Opportunity Program (AR 600-20)
  • The Operations Process (ADP 5-0)

Sergeant Audie Murphy Award Selection Board Study Material